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  1. Each rider must have a valid N.J. motorcycle license, must have ridden at least 1,000 miles on his/her bike, must have watched the Chapter safety video, and must have taken the Chapter safety ride.

  2. Each rider must be able to handle his/her bike safely; must be able to keep up with the group on back roads as well as highways, and must be able to maintain the speed that the flow of traffic demands. If you have a problem with your bike or you are not feeling well, pull over. The rear Road Captain will pull over with you. All others should follow the lead Road Captain to a safe place to stop.

  3. Conditions permitting, ride 2 seconds behind the bike directly in front of you. When riding in staggered formation this will require, conditions permitting, that you ride 2 seconds behind the bike directly in front of you and 1 second behind the bike that is diagonally in front of you. Changing to single file formation will require, conditions permitting, that you ride 2 seconds behind the bike that was formerly diagonally in front of you, but is now directly in front of you. In maintaining the correct spacing, pay attention to the bikes in front of you and behind you, maintain a steady speed to minimize the “Rubber band” effect, and try to keep in formation so the group stays together, but always let cars and trucks through; they are bigger than us and we do not want to get them mad at us.

  4. If, while riding in staggered formation, the position directly in front of you becomes empty, do not fill it by passing the bike diagonally in front of you.  Wait until the bike diagonally in front of you fills the space diagonally in front of him/her; then, when it is safe to do so, move diagonally into the space diagonally in front of you. NEVER pass another bike in the same lane, whether directly or diagonally in front of you, unless you are waved on by rider to be passed. In this case do so cautiously.

  5. Lane changes are initiated only by the Road Captains. When changing lanes or turning, use directionals, use hand signals, check your mirrors, and give head checks, all as appropriate under the circumstances.

  6. At traffic lights, stop when red and when yellow/orange/amber. The group will wait for you down the road. When the light turns green, move forward in a timely manner to help the Road Captains keep the riders together. Don't day dream at traffic lights.

  7. In the event of an accident, follow the lead Road Captain to a safe area to pull over. Chapter Road Captains are trained in emergency procedures and will take the lead in evaluating the situation and taking action, including directing and controlling traffic, attending to the injured, and promptly contacting emergency personnel by calling 911. For the safety of all concerned, remain where positioned by the lead Road Captain and take no action except as instructed by a Road Captain.

  8. Polar HOG rides leave the Fireplace Restaurant in Paramus at 10:00 unless otherwise posted.

  9. Sunday and LOH rides end upon return to Bergen County unless otherwise indicated. Saddle-Up Saturday rides end upon return to BCH-D. Dinner rides officially end upon arrival at the restaurant.

  10. If you will leave a ride before it officially ends, notify the Road Captains of your intentions at the beginning of the ride or at a food or gas stop. Make sure you ride the back of the group, in front of the rear Road Captain, so that you will not distract other riders when you pull away and wave off.

  11. 11.  We are a membership club. Guests are allowed to ride with the Chapter only if they sign a waiver available from the Road Captains. Guests must ride behind the rear Road Captain, with their sponsoring member. Guests may ride with the chapter as guests in Closed Events only twice, and must join the chapter if they wish to ride with the chapter again.

  12. ALCOHOL is not allowed on any of our riding events. No exceptions. Please don’t ride with the group if you are taking prescriptions or over the counter medications that can make you drowsy. It’s very easy to fall asleep on a bike.

  13. Road Captains have full authority on the rides. If you do not comply with Chapter riding rules, a Road Captain will attempt to correct you quietly and away from the group. If you are told that you are not complying with the rules, please attempt to comply promptly. For the purposes of these rules, any rider designated by a Road Captain to serve as an “Acting” lead or rear Road Captain for a particular ride shall have the authority of a Road Captain for the duration of that ride.

  14. CB radios are for communication between Road Captains. Do not transmit on the channel used by the Road Captains. If you do you may be asked to leave the ride.

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