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Thank you for joining the Bergen County Hog Chapter. We are a family oriented club. We provide many different activities for the members to choose from. We offer Friday night dinner rides, Sunday rides, and trips ranging from overnight, weekend trips and longer. In addition, there are many planned group events throughout the year.  Please check your email and monthly HOGWASH for information. 


Thank you,

Herm Schamber

Director, BCH



* Introduction Letter

* A Message to New Riders

* Group Riding Rules

* Signals

* Contacts





Bergen County HOG is a diverse, family-oriented chapter for all individuals who are interested in riding and socializing with a great group of people. You won’t believe the fast and strong friendships made among our members. Our sponsoring dealership is Bergen County Harley Davidson located in Rochelle Park New Jersey.


We are delighted you chose our chapter and would like to give you a quick rundown on the internal workings that have made us thrive over the years. As you are probably aware, we are only one of the many chapters throughout the state.


Our four Primary Officers are the Director, Assistant Director, Secretary and Treasurer.

Our dealer is represented by our Chapter Manager, who works together with these primary officers to ensure that all HOG operating policies are upheld. We have an additional 30 officers who assist in various capacities in accommodating our approximate 350 members.  


The following are descriptions of the duties of our officers within the chapter:


ROAD CAPTAINS: (approximately 25) Plan, lead, and assist groups rides, Friday night dinner rides, Sunday rides and trips. Do not hesitate to bring any questions or concerns to these officers. They are here to help you make your transition period easier.



SAFETY OFFICER: Reviews group riding rules, promotes safety by ensuring that all new members view the Safety Video and take the Safety Ride before riding with the chapter.


ACTIVITIES OFFICERS:  Keep our chapter busy having fun by planning and running numerous chapter events.


MEMBERSHIP OFFICER: Enrolls new members, administers annual chapter renewals, and ensures that all chapter members have a current National HOG membership.


NEW MEMBER CONTACT: Welcomes new members and ensures they are fully informed of the many benefits and activities our chapter offers.


LADIES OF HARLEY OFFICER: Not all of our women members ride Harleys but we all take an active part in chapter functions and LOH sponsored activities. Please know you are welcome to attend our monthly meetings. Check the HOGWASH for dates and times.

 Note: All chapter LOH members must first register with National Ladies of Harley.


PHOTOGRAPHER: (3) Take and organize chapter photos for chapter publications and website.


EDITOR: Is responsible for editing and facilitating the distribution of the monthly chapter HOGWASH newsletter.


WEBMASTER: Authors, edits and updates the chapter website at


GOOD AND WELFARE: Gives us support in our times of need Sends acknowledgments and notifies the chapter of births, illnesses etc.




As Director, Assistant Director, Secretary, and Treasurer, we have a responsibility to Harley Davidson, our sponsoring dealer, and the members of our chapter to do all that is in our power to ensure the safety of our members. You, as a chapter member and a new rider, have an equal responsibility.

For this reason, we must insist that you develop a familiarity with your motorcycle. Enlist the help of a good friend or significant other and ride with them for as long as it takes to become confident in your ability, before you participate in a chapter group ride. A loss of control of a motorcycle in a group riding situation can jeopardize the safety of other chapter members.

Our Road Captains and Safety Officer have thousands of miles and many years of riding experience but are not certified motorcycle instructors. We do not teach members how to ride, but we do instruct members on group riding rules. MSF safety courses are taught by the dealer.



You must have at least 1,000 riding miles on your bike and be able to handle it safely. You must take the Safety Ride and watch the video given by the Safety Officer. This is mandatory to do before you join the group rides for your safety and the safety of the other riders.





As the riding season approaches, I would like to give the new members a list of riding rules for our group rides.


  • You must have a valid NJ motorcycle license.

  • You must have at least 1,000 riding miles on your bike and be able to handle it safely. You must take the safety ride and watch the video given by the Safety Officer. This is mandatory to do before you join the group rides for your safety and the safety of the other riders.

  • You must be able to keep up with the group on back roads as well as highways. Most of our rides consist of both so you must be able to maintain the required speed that the flow of traffic demands.

  • We ride in staggered formation most of the time.

  •  Ride two seconds behind the bike directly in front of you in the same lane and 1 second behind the bike in front of you diagonally in the alternate lane. When a single line is called for by the lead Road Captain, move into single formation and maintain the 2 second spacing.

  • Never pass another bike in the same lane unless you are waved on by the other rider. In this case, do so cautiously.

  • If the lane in front of you becomes empty, fill it in by crisscrossing over.

  • Lane changes will be initiated by the Road Captains.

  • Use directional.

  • Use hand signals.

  • Check your mirrors.

  • Give a head check.

  • Maintain a steady speed to minimize the “rubber band” effect.

  • Make the effort to maintain proper formation so the group stays together.

  • Pay attention to the bikes in front and behind you while maintaining the correct spacing. At traffic lights, stop when orange or of course, red. The group ahead will pull over and wait as needed. Also, when stopped at a light, when it turns green, move ahead in a timely manner. Don’t daydream at traffic lights, it makes it very hard for the Road Captains to keep the ride together.

  • Always let cars through and carefully yield to them whenever possible.

  • If you have a problem with your bike or you are not feeling well, pull over. The rear Road Captain will pull over with you. All others should follow the lead Road Captain to a safe place to stop.

  • In the event of an accident, follow the lead Road Captain to a safe area to pull over. The Road Captains are trained for emergencies and will quickly evaluate the situation and act. Road Captains will direct and control traffic, attend to the injured, and get help by promptly contacting by calling 911.


  • If you intend to leave the ride early, notify the Road Captains either at the beginning of the ride, or at a gas stop etc. Make sure you ride at the back of the group so when you wave and pull off there is no distraction to the other riders.

  • Most important: YOU are responsible for your own safety. Do not ride if you are tired, cold or sick. You must be alert when riding so you can react to any situation.

  • Guests are allowed to ride with the chapter providing they sign a waiver.

  • They must ride behind the rear Road Captain with their sponsor.

  • We are a membership chapter. Guests will only be allowed to ride twice and then have the option to join or not.

  • ALCOHOL is not allowed on any of our riding events. No exceptions!!

  •  Please, do not ride with the group if you are taking prescriptions or over the counter medications that can make you drowsy. It is very easy to fall asleep on a bike.

  • The Road Captains have full authority on the rides. If you are told that you are not complying with the rules please listen to them.

  • Road Captains will correct you quietly and away from the group.

  • If you do not, or cannot comply, you will be asked to leave the ride.


These rules are for your safety and the safety of your fellow riders, please follow them. Further instructions will be given prior to rides. If you have any questions, please ask!





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